* Helpful tips for planning your wedding day


The first thing you will plan for your wedding is the budget.  Talk between yourselves and your respective parents about the kind of service you would like.  You will find that your parents will be an enormous help to you in discussing the budget.  On your special day you will want the best of everything, so plan carefully the style and tone of the day.


When you have decided, visit your Vicar/Priest or Registrar to make arrangements for your marriage ceremony.  They will be a great help to you both, and will explain everything you will need to know about walking up the aisle and saying "I Do".  If you wish, a rehearsal can be arranged to set your minds at ease and assure you that all will run smoothly on your wedding day.  Take this opportunity to apply for a marriage licence if necessary.

Now may also be the ideal time to decide on who you will ask to be your 'Chief Bridesmaid' and 'Best Man'.

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18- 12 MONTHS

Once you have decided the date and place of your wedding, it is important to remember the following points.  In descending order your family and friends will generally remember the following: 1) How beautiful the bride looked, 2) How wonderful the ceremony was, and 3) The reception.  (Now is the perfect time to decide where you'd like the reception to be held).


* This is the time to be begin selecting  your dream Bridal Gown from Jays Bridal Centre


Time for some fun!  Let's organise a wedding presents list.  (Don't forget that a lot of stores will now help you with this).  Having already organised your dress, you will probably have a colour scheme in mind for the Bridemaids' dresses.  Now is the time to be co-ordinating these as well.

Once the colour scheme is decided, it is probably time to start ordering the flowers for bouquets (Jays Bridal will custom make your bouquets and center pieces), setting up the Church or venue, and reception if required.

Other items to arrange now are:  1) Hire of the suits for the Bridegroom, Bestman, father, and Ushers (From Ultimate Formal Hire at Jays); 2) The initial dress fitting, and 3) Choosing the wedding rings.

Now might also be the ideal time to organise appointments with your hairdresser and beauty salon, to make sure you look your most beautiful on your big day.

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Now is the time to be sending out wedding invitations.  This would also be the ideal time to be escorting the Mums into town to organise their outfits.  Don't forget the hats!  1) Choose the hymns and/ or music of choice; 2) Arrange for the 'Order of Service' sheets to be printed.

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You should now be fairly well organised and in the envious position of sitting back and relaxing for a couple of weeks, in the full knowledge that there are a whole HOST of people out there worrying on your behalf!  However, on your one weekend off between now and the big day, it might be an excellent idea to nip out and choose some of the presents for the Bridesmaids, and perhaps some flowers for the Mums.


The pace is starting to hot up now!  It's time to see if everyone else has been as organised as you!  1) Confirm the venue booking, and numbers attending; 2) Confirm the details with the photographer; 3) Confirm the wedding cars, and/or transportation to the venue; 4) Confirm the details with the florist, and give final numbers for buttonholes needed; 5) Confirm travel and hotel bookings for the Honeymoon.  N.B.  Check Passport.

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10 TO 7 DAYS

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If you haven't organised a researsal of the ceremony (providing you are planning one), now may be a good time to meet with the Bestman, Bridesmaids, and the Ushers to finalise responsibilities.  You may also want to: 1) Practise your make-up; 2) Take your head dress to the hairdresser to decide on styles if you haven't already; 3) Give the 'Order of Service' sheets to the vicar; and perhaps most importantly of all...4) START PACKING FOR THE HONEYMOON!


Assuming the wedding is a 2pm event, the Brides time table should run something like this:

8:00am:  Have a shower or relaxing bath

8:30am:  Have a good breakfast

9:00am:  Polish your nails

9:30am:  Hairdressers

11:00am:  Bestman arrives to collect the luggage/ greeeting cards/ telegrams

11:30am:  The Bridesmaids/ Pageboys arrive (unless the Bridesmaids are already

                 with you)

12:00pm:  Make-up

12:30pm:  Brides Gown and Bridesmaids dresses

1:00pm:  Photographer

1:30pm:  The first car takes the Mother and Bridesmaids to the Church or venue

1:45pm:  The second car takes the Bride and her Father to the Church or venue

1:58pm:  Wait in Church entrance; get the girls ready...

2:00pm:  The Ceremony!  Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

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